Sunday, October 27, 2013

Justin Long and Amanda Seyfriend in attendance!

Last night NPT did a show at St. Anthony's in Fairfield to benefit a girl's orphanage in Nicaragua.  I custom-built "Hooray Hollywood" with Broadway stars Kimilee Bryant, Matt Castle and Bret Shuford. So fun to sing with my friends on this show.

Since this is Justin's church this was his charity that he supports so his girlfriend Amanda came as well. They were great about taking pix with the youth board (our singing waiters) and our college interns. Just a shout out to Ilyada and Kate who are also our ASK interns. They kept everything hopping and together and having two amazing assistants like that is something I could get used to!

We love doing shows at this church (have done four I think) and when I asked who had seen our shows before to this sold out crown 80% of the folks raised their hands!  We even have a whole gaggle of nuns that follow us around to all our gigs.

See the pix below of all.  I will have more later I am sure because Kate brought her pro camera and was taking great ones.

This whole event was NPT firing on all pistons.  1. Partnering with another non profit to help others 2. Broadway AND TV/film stars, Youth mentoring (and boy were they thrilled to meet Amanda and Justin!) and a custom-built show.

Very proud of this group of folks.

Nun posse

college intern Jeremy was a "featured" performer

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