Monday, October 14, 2013

Channel 12 and ASK interns

Below are some of the photos from our Channel 12 visit.  The segment is taped and then airs on the weekend about six or seven times.  I took Kate, one of our stellar interns for ASK (After School at the Klein) with me and she did a great job.  Very well-spoken and intelligent. She also manages our Facebook page and some other social media.

This opportunity for Kate and about 9 other college interns is a chance to gain experience.  They get to assist the professional teachers from NPT as well as a Shakespearian teacher, Sketchup, Puppetry etc.  And they get to take the class for free.  Also they can put two resume credits on their materials.  One for interning with the Klein and one for interning with NPT.

They are an enthusiastic group who are making a huge difference for the kids in this program.  They are closer to their ages and are setting a great example.

Stamped all over this is NPT's mission statement.  1.  Partnering with another non profit (The Klein)  2. Mentoring young leaders  3. Working with Broadway/Film/TV/Commercial etc pros.

And most of all, making a difference in the community.

Photos of our visit:

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