Sunday, September 15, 2013

Updates for NPT

This week marked the beginning of a few things for NPT.

 First, I had my first class with ECA, a magnet school for arts high school students.  NPT created a partnership with them for their "guest artists" program and Jerold Goldstein and I are teaching a twice-a-week class on musical theatre in New Haven under the mentoring outreach arm of NPT.  Photo of the great high school kids we are working with below.

Next, we had our first board meeting with our new members this week. Penny, Andy and I planned the meeting down to the minute with a history through video (a recap of our great video work by Mark Holleran) and nominations to specific committees (finance, education, marketing, building, board development etc).  Also officer nominations as well as immediate and future goals.

All very exciting.  There were a couple folks who couldn't make it, as happens on boards with busy businessmen and women, and I will be going to Stamford on Thursday to meet with those folks in person and do an entire recap for them. I find that if you send board notes, sometimes we get to reading those and sometimes not.  And it's far more exciting and memorable to share the info in person.

It will be a very strategic year for NPT.   Upcoming events include the start of ASK (After School at the Klein) partnership in mentoring starting in two weeks in Bridgeport at the Klein Auditorium.

Watermark's "So ya wanna be a Broadway star" event..not competition, but quarterly open mic event.

Webshow for the Youth Board in partnership with, a Fairfield County webshow.

 The restart of Sunday Spotlight, again produced by the Youth Board.

Much to be excited about this year!

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