Saturday, September 7, 2013

FOCUS ON: Casey Dupler

Another FOCUS ON blog today about Casey Dupler.

This college junior has been a student of mine since she was a freshman at Hartt and I saw how dedicated she was from the very start.  Not only has she had leading roles at theatres in Long Island, she has also been featured in some of our NPT shows and is making a great name for herself at Hartt.

A loyal singing waiter and featured performer who actually came out with her side kick, Jeremy, during a blizzard all the way from Hartford for the United Way of Milford Gala last year to help me with that show.  That is dedication! She has also been an "intern" during our Bruce Museum gig and a competitor in our very first So Ya Wanna Be a Broadway star event.

One of her idols is Gwendolyn Jones who she has now met a few time (in person and on Sunday Spotlight) Her belt may rival Gwendolyn's some day as she works hard on her technique and her acting as well.

This summer I coached Casey through our company's TLS (transition's lifestyle) system that helped her lose 15 lbs in the most healthy way. All Low Glycemic!  And she is a convert for life when it comes to putting the right and most healthy things in her body. Since her body is her instrument for this business she is psyched to have a long career.

Hard working, very talented, dedicated and loyal, as well as healthy in mind and body. What a package!  Very proud of you Casey and happy to recommend you when the directors and casting agents call me. :)

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