Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Focus on: Shaina Arsenault


Back to school for everyone and this super busy young lady is a junior at Foran High school in Milford.  She's won award after award for public service and leadership, in fact I just nominated her for another one with the Association of Fund Raising professionals and am writing a recommendation for her for Honor Society.
Another day, another volunteer award 

She's on our NPT Youth Board and has made a huge contribution and commitment even though her ballet and school schedule is jam packed.  She dances principal roles with New England Ballet and is a beautiful person inside and out.
Shaina as Dew drop with New England Ballet

While she is artistically talented, this smart lady wants to major in Hospitality Management at Cornell so any of you with connections there please let me know.  She wants to own her own hotel and spa and I bet she will.

I couldn't be more proud to always recommend and write letters for this up and coming leader.  Examples of her dancing, her graphic design work for NPT and her singing lessons with me are in this blog.

voice lessons

not a template...she designed this

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