Sunday, August 25, 2013

Focus On: Kara Burgess


Getting back to teaching at the colleges this week and decided to start a new thing today.  Calling it Focus On: and I will feature a student that I think is really doing the work.  A student I would or have recommended for shows, parts and work.  

Certainly, we chose colleges often for the connections they can make for us and I am always happy to make those connections for my best students in or out of college.  After 20 some years in the business and now also on the other side of the desk you would be surprised how many contacts you assess.  I also get calls from folks who see my name on someone's resume and want to know how that person is to work with, just proving that it's not only talent that gets you hired, it's your attitude and your professionalism.

So my first FOCUS ON: is Kara Burgess.
 Kara just left for James Madison University as a freshman this year.  She was a voice and then later, voice and piano, student of mine since she was in sixth grade.  A beautiful young lady who has so much potential that I hope James Madison will see and tap into.

She was in a PBS series with me last year called "Young American Heroes" and did a wonderful job with her "film" acting style. So simple and honest. And she looked great on film.   Since she rides horses, she actually co-starred her horse Louis in this period piece.  I played her mom.  :)

From a supportive family, Kara is certain to be a success and I am proud to have been her teacher for so many years.


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