Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Watermark Magazine

Two of my very talented business associates just got a nice honor. The cover of a magazine!  See below.

Drew Mancuso (professional makeup artist and wardrobe for New England Ballet) and Kenneth Hopkins (professional photographer and Artistic director of New England Ballet) photographed comedienne, Christine O'Leary, for Watermark Magazine. It's adorable and to make it even more incredible, she was in a hot tub.  They are just that good.

This is just one example of the talented professionals that NPT will be working with and can hook other folks up with! Both Jamibeth and myself know a ton of industry professionals who will be great for the "mentoring" aspects of our theatre.

Different than a class on acting or photography. It's professional "mentoring".  Imagine getting to watch and work with Drew and Kenn on a professional shoot as a high school senior.  Or getting to turn pages for a professional accompanist while they play for a Broadway audition.  Or getting to "shadow" a corporate event planner as she makes her rounds for the day.  Maybe you get to sit in on a meeting of sales reps for Broadway shows or get to watch and help a professional Broadway sound or lighting designer at work. Side by side with the professionals.  All of that is "theatre" in the broader sense and certainly something that we could set up given our contacts.

You would also get insider info like, "How the heck did you get that makeup to stay on in a hot tub?".  Drew Mancuso recommends "Motives, by Loren Riddinger".  It stays on your face for Broadway shows too!

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