Monday, June 25, 2012

Children's theatre

This weekend I made a good connection with a non profit group called Quill.  Quill Entertainment creates, produces, and distributes enjoyable. family-oriented musicals based on American history to educate children and families about our country's ideals.

As NPT is not in the market to create children's theater and yet has "mentoring" as one of it's objectives, this might be a good "sister" non profit.  We brainstormed utilizing their expertise in creating shows for children, and our expertise in promotion, teaching and connections to schools.  One of their founders is Stephen Lawrence, who composed about 250 songs for Sesame Street in addition to other award winning songs and scores.  

This group is also very connected in Greenwich and they know one of the key people in that original drive to start a performing arts center there years ago.  Just a good thing to put in my mind for later....

I can think of about 17 ways we could work together with Quill and further each other's interests.  Networking always has to go both ways, and they get this as well.  I suggested a few ideas to help them with some PR for their group, get them into more schools, perhaps work with us over the holidays. 

Again, working on a model that has non profits working together as a collective whole supported by other for profits that would benefit from being associated with us. Making it a no-brainer for everyone. 

Speaking of Greenwich, we booked another non profit gala for NPT to help with in September.  This group supports seniors and we will be performing at the Greenwich Hyatt.  At Home, in Greenwich

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