Friday, February 17, 2012

Putting it out there!

  I am seeing first hand, the power of "Putting it out there" this week.

Our realtor, Deb, showed Jamibeth, Andy and me a great space in Stamford recently.  To secure this spot we need to get some "pledges" of funding.  It would be a spot where we would build a theatre and in an area where the developers want to create a Soho, Chelsea piers type area.  We would fit perfectly there.

After seeing the space, we all agreed that we needed the connections to banks, corporations, private funding now.  Governor Malloy of CT just announced 11 million in cuts to the Arts and to be honest, we were not really expecting much help from government grants. While some might look at that as a "glass half empty" challenge we think it's something we can use in our favor.

IF Stamford/Greenwich really wants to attract terrific business talent, more tourism, the 20-50's set, and be seen as a progressively developing city, they need to have us there.  They need a theatre that operates by helping other non profits in the area, mentoring those who want our connections to the professional theatre world, and who can lead the way in promoting an organization that utilizes new social media and marketing in partnership with businesses and other arts non profits. In addition, and not as an after thought, we will be producing Broadway caliber shows in the area. But all of the above make us more than just a theatre.  We are fulfilling our mission statement now.

So after we saw the space we "put it out there" that we needed the contacts to get in the doors of the businesses that have a motivated interest in our being a part of their community.

This week Jamibeth met a wonderfully connected person who is setting up appointments as I write.  The owner of the space we want sent me another high powered connection and one of our board members set up a meeting with the president of the Chamber in Stamford who is also helping us make a huge connection.  

The lesson: Nothing is beyond your reach. Even if you don't have any idea how you will do something, just put it out there and let things happen. Keep your mind open and don't turn down something that comes your way just because it's not exactly what you were expecting. It can turn into something huge!

Mark Holleran also finished up our Non profit video.   I think it's great and we will be taking this video into our big meetings.  Who needs better PR right now than banks? And if donating to us, a theatre that also raises money for other non profits in the area, makes them look good, then it's a no-brainer to become a supporter of our vision.

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