Thursday, June 2, 2011


Last week Deb took us to see two spaces in Stamford that could be rehabed into our theatre space. I took short videos and at the bottom you will see the one from the post office site. The Hoolihans video won't load, and that is the one we liked the best, but enjoy our 'tour' of the first space. I took about four stort videos of that.

1. The Post office.  It is still being used as a post office but the building is for sale. Very big.  Very cool. But also historic (can't change the front) which is ok. But also 5 million or so to buy. And that isn't with the rennovations.  But it's right next to UBS and RSB.  We would need a developer who wants to buy it and put in residential units and then let us use the front space.  And once you start rennovating older spaces like that you find other little things that might be not up to code.  Parking would also be an issue. (videos)

2. The old Hoolihans restaurant. It's more modern, and attached to a parking garage too.  7003 square feet and has lots of potential.  I think we should see a few more places and then get the architects to give us some estimates.

Next week I have an appointment with the mayor of Stamford.  Jamibeth Margolis, who is now the Executive Director of the New Paradigm Theatre (I am artistic director) will be coming up from NYC to attend that with me.  Some of you may know her name. She is the NYC casting director who cast Les Miz, Phantom of the Opera, Miss Saigon, Cats etc on Broadway and she also directs.  Many connections.  I also have known her a long time and we work together well.  We think our combination of talents will be a good fit.

Oh, and yesterday I was in NYC for an audition in front of Jason Robert Brown. I think it went well because Jamibeth and I had just met to brainstorm prior to the audition and I was really pumped about all the cool stuff happening with the theatre.  Makes auditioning so much more powerful when you have something else to feel excited about as well.  I sang Bonnie Raitt's, "Let's give em something to talk about" and I used all that energy about the theatre.  It's a good theme song, no?

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