Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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" The will and power to change a Pretty Strong-Minded Thing...i.e. YOU GOTTA BELIEVE...Pretty the Worth of Your Quest"    Tom Peters.

So Tom,  here is what I have in the works for the next couple weeks.  I have a call into the Economic Development office of the city of Stamford asking for a meeting as we go on a fact-finding mission to explore Stamford as an option for our theatre.

I have a call into a film studio owner in Stamford so that I can show him the ideas I have about combining efforts, or at least garnering support.  Then I need to hit some local big businesses to get some verbal support. There are many large corporations there. Gotta figure out who to speak with first in that type of a situation. I also emailed another recommended contact who knows the ‘cultural climate’ there in Stamford. 

I would love to just jump in, as per my personality, but I think it’s probably best to take the temperature of the city first and then do my usual "fling it against the wall" thing. I only need a few other cohorts for that.

In a nutshell, we are proposing a theatre that not only provides art for the community, but also works with the local business to increase their foot traffic and social media presence. Since we own our own Internet Marketing company (partnered with Microsoft) there are already many tools and systems at our disposal.

We will be working with colleges in the area to promote that press idea/marketing experience for the students with apprenticeships possible.

Also I have another idea that will help more local nonprofits in the area (I already have a few ideas in my marketing plan utilizing my Powerful Image events and benefit cabarets that have been helping charities over the years) In November our Internet company also rolled out an entirely new NPO program that helps Non profits raise money... for free.  Over 1000 NPOs across the US are utilizing that now.

 Hear me out on this new one cause I need to tweak it:

Our schedule for performances will be Thursday, Friday, Two Saturday shows, Sunday.  That leaves Monday dark and Tuesday and Wednesday free right?  Soooo...we can’t make this mandatory, but what if our theatre had a policy, a suggestion, an initiative, that every Tues/Weds the actors and staff volunteer at some local nonprofit.  A soup kitchen, Shelter, United Way (I am on the marketing committee).  Two hours or so. What if we got the reputation for not only helping ourselves, but also helping the others in the community who do so much good?  I write another blog: ( and an article in the local paper that highlights the Executive Directors of local nonprofits. I know what Herculean efforts they put forth.

Already in my marketing plan, Saturday nights are called “Cash or Cans”.  When you leave the theatre, you can donate money, or canned goods, and we will take them to the local shelter. So why not really make the commitment to the community by utilizing those actors who want to be a part of our outreach. I will certainly do it.  When I hand pick my casts in the early stages I will be sure to pick those actors I know are altruistically-minded just to get the idea going.  They are not REQUIRED to do this, as I know AEA would have a problem with that.  It’s just a nice chance to have actors be seen in a ‘giving’ light.  And the theatre of course. I realize it’s good PR.  But it’s not a one-time thing. It’s a commitment that we are making to the community.

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