Thursday, September 25, 2014


I tell ya, I can't believe how lucky we get with the judges that say yes to helping us with So Ya Wanna Be A Broadway Star each year and this year is no exception.

Paul Bogaev is of course amazing and so supportive of all the work we have been doing so he will be our head judge as we chose three people to join us in our Broadway concert the next night and to be featured in our Holiday show at Fairfield Theatre company in December.

And now to add to our panel of judges we have David Friedman: After spending several years conducting musicals on Broadway, includingGreaseJoseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Song and Dance, David went to Hollywood where he was the conductor and vocal arranger on such Disney classics as Beauty & The BeastAladdin,Pocahontas, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame. This led to David writing music and lyrics for Disney’s Aladdin and the King of Thieves, scoring three animated television series (Happy NessSky Dancers andDragon Flyz) and the film Trick, and a 13-year stint as music supervisor and vocal arranger of Broadway’s Beauty & The Beast. Take a look at more about him here!

Just amazing to me that people will get to sing for these folks (there are two or three more awesome folks on the panel as well) and hear their thoughts on how they did, how they could improve etc.  

In real life not only would you not get a chance to sing for them (it would be their assistants who heard you...maybe) you would also not get to hear what they thought. Mostly you would be "thank you".  

And the audience gets to hear and learn as well.  Please help us get the word out. 

Friday, September 12, 2014


The New Paradigm Theatre to host 3nd annual,
“So Ya Wanna Be A Broadway Star”
October 24th in Fairfield!
An exciting evening of performance in front of Broadway and Entertainment professionals that will entertain and educate!

Where:           St. Anthony’s Church 149 S. Pine Creek Road, Fairfield CT
When:            October 24th  Friday,   5-7:30pm


Three age categories of singers will perform for Broadway and Entertainment professionals/ judges and receive constructive feedback to further their careers as well as exciting prizes for those chosen to perform with NPT the following night. This year's judges will including music producer, Paul Bogaev  (Film: Chicago, Dreamgirls, Across the Universe, as well as Broadway’s Aida, Tarzan, Chess, Les Miz, and its newest musical, Pretty Woman). 

Three Age Categories:   8-12 years old       13-17 years old      18 years old to Adult

Awards include being featured in upcoming New Paradigm Theatre (NPT) production  with Broadway stars on October 25th  (St. Anthony’s benefit)  and December 10th  (NPT Holiday Show at the Fairfield Theatre Company) as well as photo session for headshots, makeup/hair and clothing consultation, business of theatre consultations, and much more.

Past winners have also been featured in appearances following the competition on TV and stage. “The chance to sing in front of Broadway decision makers and to network with them was invaluable.” -  Cidalia Alves 2012 winner.

Mentoring is a large component of NPT’s mission statement and includes our Youth Board of Directors, an “active learning” partnership with It’s, After School at the Klein, College Intern Program and much more.

Register by visiting our website link:

Admission for audience :                 $15 (at the door)
Registration for Performers:            $45 (online only)

 Watch this short video to see a recap of our past events:

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Joan Rivers' earrings

I was so sad to hear of Joan Rivers passing.  It made me think back to the time I met her while performing Company on Broadway.  We did a month of "Previews" on Broadway and then our "Opening" and Joan came to our last Preview.

I got so star struck whenever any of the TV or Film people came back to meet us and I think I mumbled something about how cute her earrings were and how I hadn't picked my own out for the Opening Night party the next night.

She offered to send over some and again I think I mumbled something about that being great and not thinking clearly I thought she was loaning me something so I think I said I would send them back afterwards.

She was gracious and so tiny too.  The next day I got a huge shopping bag delivered backstage with a note that said "For the Wrestling girl".  I did karate on my husband "Harry" onstage.   So I looked into the bag to find at least 12 pairs of earrings!  I chose the longest, sparkliest ones and then shared the rest with my female cast members.

Well, I kept another purple pair too and every time I wear either pair I think of her.

The picture below is what all my Opening Night photos looked like.  I was still so blown away that she really sent me earrings.