Thursday, September 4, 2014

Joan Rivers' earrings

I was so sad to hear of Joan Rivers passing.  It made me think back to the time I met her while performing Company on Broadway.  We did a month of "Previews" on Broadway and then our "Opening" and Joan came to our last Preview.

I got so star struck whenever any of the TV or Film people came back to meet us and I think I mumbled something about how cute her earrings were and how I hadn't picked my own out for the Opening Night party the next night.

She offered to send over some and again I think I mumbled something about that being great and not thinking clearly I thought she was loaning me something so I think I said I would send them back afterwards.

She was gracious and so tiny too.  The next day I got a huge shopping bag delivered backstage with a note that said "For the Wrestling girl".  I did karate on my husband "Harry" onstage.   So I looked into the bag to find at least 12 pairs of earrings!  I chose the longest, sparkliest ones and then shared the rest with my female cast members.

Well, I kept another purple pair too and every time I wear either pair I think of her.

The picture below is what all my Opening Night photos looked like.  I was still so blown away that she really sent me earrings.

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