Monday, June 9, 2014

Producing the Tony Awards

The article below is from the NY times following the Tony Awards 2014.  I thought it was one of the best produced Tonys I have seen in a while. Also I don't agree with this article that the movie stuff was put in to deny who we are I think it was done to draw in more folks who don't KNOW who we are. I totally didn't mind the rap. I thought it was creative and while there were awkward white people moments during it, I still thought it was done well.

I find that I am now watching this show with more "producer" eyes now. Not just of the various shows, but of the awards show as a whole. It flowed and was fast paced. You can't say that of all award shows.

Also the speeches were heartfelt and real.  I am always so proud of our hardworking colleagues in theatre. They deserve respect and credit for the time and effort they put into their craft.

A special shout out to Christine Dwyer who looked so relaxed and comfortable on stage.  I noted the extreme closeup they gave her while she sang and she looked good on camera as well.  There were an extraordinary amount of great female singers I thought this year.  And a mixture of styles and types of shows.

All in all, I thought it was very well done. The only awkward part for me, the time I ducked my head a bit so I wouldn't "see", was the Clint Eastwood presentation.

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