Monday, March 18, 2013

Leadership mentality

Our fourth Sunday Spotlight went very well with Bruce Sabath as our guest.  Broadway, TV, Film and commercial work as well as being a family man made him a great guest.   You can catch up on all you might have missed on our youtube station that the youth board set up specifically for Sunday Spotlight.  Search: NPTyouth.  

Big week ahead.  When you have a few wonderful board members who help you do the work, it's exciting indeed.

Below is another blog I subscribe to.  Tom Peters, a businessman who has really good leadership advice. What I find interesting is that we "artists" have always talked about people and products. It's easy to feel intimidated by business folks that you might meet ie donor or board possibilities, and have the throw out words like "marketshare" or "ROI" or other terms like that.  When you are a non profit, you do need to understand the money-mind mentality. But you don't have to feel that you aren't a "salesperson" or "market savvy".  We artists have been one-to-one marketing (the latest marketing trend) and "selling"ourselves for years.  We understand networking and building relationships. In fact, we are experts at it! Therefore, we should feel confident knowing that we can teach the old school business folks a thing or two.   Go in with that mentality at least and you won't feel the need to bow and scrape or apologize.

Beware "leaders" who talk about marketshare and money instead of people and products!--- Tom Peters      
Good leadership advice:      
He also had this following advice and I find that if you don't plan things like this out, you won't do them.   I will be writing mine out because if you just think about it, it's not enough. Seeing it in writing actually helps you accomplish it.  Just like your own goal statements.  
What is my personal strategy for the next 10 hours? Who can I talk with or what can I volunteer for to learn something new?--- Tom Peters 

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