Friday, March 30, 2012

Bruce Event

The first big collaboration of a well-respected non profit and NPT is coming up April 22nd at the Bruce Museum.  They are a very long established non profit in Greenwich CT and we are providing some customized enhancement to their "Family Event".  Last year they had 600 folks that came as their featured exhibit had something to do with Circuses and they featured four performers from The Big Top Circus.

This year they are featuring exhibits by Walter Wick, the man who wrote the I Spy books.  AND featuring Broadway performers from The New Paradigm Theatre!  During this 3-6pm afternoon that takes place outside and inside (think: Festival) we will have Kate Chapman, Bret Shuford, Keith Buterbaugh and yours truly, singing songs that complement a children's book author's exhibit.

Two 20 minute sets of concerts with songs from Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, Little Mermaid, Sound of Music, Cinderella etc.   Jamibeth reached out to a wonderful costume designer who is loaning us beautiful costumes for this as well.

In addition we will be teaching three "Triple threat" workshops for any of the families who want to be a part.  Dancing, Singing and Acting will be taught by the performers and Jamibeth as well.  I have invited a few students of mine to be "mentored" as well and they are assisting us with crowd participation songs and the workshops.  Also inviting some makeup artists who will do "faces" while we perform.  Making the kids feel a part of the "star" experience.

We have put out the word for another facebook competition as well. A chance to have a "Backstage pass" and be a part of our crew during the day.

So Mission Statement checklist:  
* Professional Broadway Performers -  check
* Helping another non profit make money-  check
*Mentoring young people who get to work with our pros- check
* Social media ideas so that others feel that they are a part of the "making of" - check.

FUN!  check!

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