Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Incorporating with Kelly

We signed the incorporation papers today!  Paid the fee to file, and are on our way.   Kelly O'Brian (pictured below) is our amazingly astute lawyer (also a board member) and is taking care of filing the papers this week for us.

Jamibeth went over the bylaws and made some tweaks and she and Kelly will chat again this week about those.  I am ready to write to each of my 11 board members and set up the first meeting to kick this off.

Just to let you know how it works, we incorporate as the New Paradigm Theatre Company, Inc, first, and then we get cracking on the 501C non profit part. The incorporating doesn't take too much time.  The non profit status does.

So we will discuss our Preformances and the next 6 months of Branding, performances, tribe-gathering etc and fund raising, at the first board meeting.

yay!    Thanks Kelly!  (she does Wills and all sorts of other Lawyer stuff too. Right here in Milford!)

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