Sunday, January 16, 2011


I had a friend who used to call coincidences “Coinky Dinks”.  So that word has been coming to my mind lately regarding this project.

The three main objectives this week were to: 1. Get a bead on Greenwich and what might fly there in terms of a professional theatre. 2. Find a champion of sorts and 3. Research probono lawyers. 

1. While we are still considering a few towns for our project, I must admit to having my heart set on Greenwich.  I have already mentioned that the next man on my agenda to meet, Stuart, (who “knows everything about Greenwich”) was referred by the head of the Greenwich Arts Council.  In a side mention he said that Stuart is on his board and also the ED of the United Way in Greenwich.  Gary, who heads United Way out here in Milford asked me to be on the marketing committee all in that same week and while I was saying yes, I also asked if he would put in the good word with Stuart so I could get an appointment.  Which happened yesterday.  That is booked for Wednesday of this week. 

Coinky Dink?

Objective:  Build a relationship with a person who “knows people”. Especially in Greenwich.  Especially with people who are influential. 

I did a little research on the failed attempt at a Performing Arts Center in Greenwich and here are two stories that talk about the project we are going to ask him about.

2. In putting out the word to get a meeting with Ron Howard or Kathie Lee Gifford (both of whom live in Greenwich) my cousin Jon Huffman (actor/director/writer) reminded me that he wrote the book for the new musical version of It's A Wonderful Life.  Kathie Lee wrote the lyrics and John McDaniel wrote the music.  They are tweaking it now together.

Coinky Dink?

Objective:  Get a possible sit-down with her to get her excited about a theatre “playground” in her own backyard of Greenwich.  Of course I will be hiring Jon for many things as well.  Some sort of endorsement would be awesome in moving forward.

Lovely Lisa Durke researched Ron Howard for me and got his publicist, legal advisors and reminded me that he has a post-production company office in Greenwich. Still looking for a more intimate contact, but it’s a start.

3. Probono partnerships in Westchester was recommended as a place to get some help filing the paperwork.  Yesterday I got the email below from Katie who was researching that aspect in her free time from her job.
 Um, so, my Interim CEO told me today that she signed me up for a web teleconference with PROBONO PARTNERSHIP in early February.

Coinky Dink?
(And also scary that my ED has a maniacal laugh even in emails?) 
But she is really commenting on what keeps happening to us.  These good little things right as we are trying to work on them. A door or window opening up.  
Coinky dinks? Or is it due to the declaration to the Universe that we are ready for this thing to happen. Opening the door for true possibilities that didn’t exist before. 

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